Is This Your Classroom? - Life Ingredients

Is this your classroom?

  • Anxious minds
  • Too many distractions
  • Behavioral issues
  • Kids struggling to keep up

Do you find yourself overwhelmed, frustrated, and burnt-out?

It’s not your fault.

The whole world is an anxious place. Have you ever tried to learn something when you are anxious? The mind can’t learn when it’s unregulated, distracted, and anxious.

Enter Life Ingredients, an online, interactive library for kids to build emotional intelligence.

Life Ingredients purposefully is slow and steady. Our students begin by understanding what it feels like to be calm; because many of them have no idea how that feels. They learn how to respond rather than react to life. They become curious about what’s really important to them and they develop a good sense of self.

Life Ingredients is…

Our program is designed to prevent problems from occurring.

It’s designed to help children with the problems they are currently experiencing.

We use a digital format to cultivate emotional intelligence. We call it good screen time! Our library is filled with hours of content to understand the power of thoughts, feelings, and actions.

How Would I Use Life Ingredients
in My Classroom?

Our suggestion is dive in first thing each morning to create a calm space for the day. But you get to decide how much time to dedicate to Life Ingredients. Your class may ask for a calm reset after lunch, before a test, or anytime you need. The more you use it, the sooner you see change!

It’s “plug and play” – that means little preparation on your end! We find teachers benefit from the stories, lessons, and calm reset and participate right alongside their students. If you want to go beyond the screen, we have printable activities and posters for your classroom.

The key is daily practice. To make the changes you want in your classroom, a few minutes of daily practice is key. By learning skills and tools from the Life Ingredients library, kids will learn how to navigate their challenges and achievements.

Below is a peek of our library; it’s entertaining, educational, and easy to navigate for kids and adults alike. Life Ingredients was created for families and classrooms to work together to build communication skills, emotional intelligence, and to create a safe place for childhood.

But don’t take our word for it! This is what teachers and parents who use the Life Ingredients program have to say about it:

“Currently, we are working through the fourth module on Gratitude, and it has been a valuable opportunity for us to learn and grow together as a family. We are eagerly looking forward to completing the entire program. It is a priceless experience that we truly appreciate. Thank you kindly.”

– David Williams, music and art teacher

Do You See Changes in Your Classroom?

Watch these testimonials from Jessica Loring, a 3rd grade teacher and Susan Bowers, a 5th grade teacher!

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