About Us

Meet the Founder of Life Ingredients

I am a Grandmother on a Mission. I have created a program to support parents and kids to understand the power of their thoughts. I draw from my own life experiences of raising four free-spirited children. Through education and experience, I found many ways to guide children, some not so good, and others life-changing. I want to be available to parents and kids to help make this a kinder and more loving world. We start by creating peaceful loving families. 

What if together, you and your kids can learn how thoughts work? Then we teach you how to override thoughts that throw you off course. This is powerful work deprogramming the human mind of unwanted thoughts. Your thoughts are things, they are real, they matter, but they are not always true. The power of our thoughts manages our behavior and the life we live. Think about that… thoughts are the fuel to design your life.

When you and your kids learn to override unhelpful thoughts, you will become comfortable in your own skin. You can live the adventure called life with good thoughts, a sense of calm, clarity, gratitude, guidance, observation, perspective, and truth.  These are the 8 Life Ingredients, principles to live wholeheartedly with an elevated sense of self-awareness. That will put a smile on your face and lead to a brighter future for your children and grandchildren.

By the way, kids call me Shanti. It means peace. You will find references to Shanti throughout this site. I love kids calling me Peace. It provides good energy for the work we are up to creating a kinder more loving world.

Deb Kelly / Shanti
A Grandmother on a Mission
Founder/Author Life Ingredients

Meet the Creative Director

I was that kid – the sensitive one with anxiety, a penchant for excessive daydreaming, and a knack for drawing. They say this is the recipe for an illustrator, but I’ve never seen this written down anywhere so I can’t be sure. Kids often ask me if I like to draw, and I tell them, “Yes, I do, but what I really love to do is tell stories, and I do that by drawing pictures.” Their reaction to this statement is always a joy.

Of all the things an illustrator could create, why Life Ingredients? What makes this program important to me? Life Ingredients is something that I wish I could’ve had when I was a kid. It was something I needed, and it’s something I know children need today. It’s funny, magical, thought-provoking, and made with a lot of heart. Creating a program that encourages families to work together to strengthen their well-being continues to be my biggest achievement. 

In 2013, I graduated from SUNY New Paltz with my Bachelors in Psychology. Shortly after, I jumped on the Life Ingredients bandwagon. Now, I’m set to start my MS in School Psychology, where I hope to gain experience working with children from diverse backgrounds while continuing to grow the Life Ingredients program.

Kelly Dillon, Creative Director of Life Ingredients