FAQ - Life Ingredients


How much time will I need to dedicate to Life Ingredients every day?

Our program is designed to fit into a busy family life or classroom. We know kids and adults are overwhelmed and overbooked. Life Ingredients can be used for scheduled moments during the day or before bed, or to be used for a reset to get everyone back on track and feeling calm. You can come and go from the learning modules at any time, and do them as often as you’d like.

What age group will benefit most from the Life Ingredients program?

We are geared towards elementary school aged children, roughly 1st-6th grade. But with parental guidance, the content is friendly to even younger children. Older kids and parents can use our 365 Life Ingredients. This daily “heart-work” supports self-awareness and learning to live in the present moment, the place where life happens.

And yes, we’ve had countless grown-ups ask for the adult version of Life Ingredients. We tell them this is the adult version- learning along with your children. We think it’s important for adults to use their child-like wonder and remember some of the things they have forgotten on the way to adulthood. Also, we hope parents will look at our “Hey Grown-ups!” program for support and to know you aren’t alone on this parenting journey!

What happens when my child and I finish all 8 Life Ingredients?

We are always adding new content to the program, so once you explore the main 8 ingredients, you will find more is being delivered every month. Our intention is for you to apply the 8 Life Ingredients to all aspects of your life. As you move forward you will see us apply these 8 principles to community, the body, nature, grief and death, addictive behavior… we are planning to use the Life Ingredients to infinity!

I’m a teacher. Can I bring this program into my classroom?

Absolutely! Life Ingredients has been part of classroom life for some lucky kiddos for many years now. Make sure to visit our testimonial page and hear from our teachers. There is also, FAQ video on that page from teachers.

My kids are homeschoolers. How can I incorporate Life Ingredients at home into my curriculum?

We love homeschoolers, and bringing a program like Life Ingredients into a curriculum at home brings balance, peace and fun to both kids and parents. You will want to take note of a homeschooler mom on our testimonial page as well as comments from teachers. This program is a great transition from, “go brush your teeth to …and school has begun.” Use Life Ingredients as a few moments to calm the mind/body, reset the focus, and prepare for learning and a great reset during transition.