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A Book About Thoughts
By Life Ingredients

This book gives children (and adults!) the tools to create awareness about what we are thinking and explores how to seek the best route on life’s adventure. Kiyana and Sebastian guide the way to understanding “Thoughts are things, they are real, and they matter!”

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Reviews For A Book About Thoughts

A How To Book About Thoughts and Feelings…

“It can be hard to get my kids reading, but my kids (ages 7 and 10) LOVE this book! The book is not so much a story but a guide to thoughts and feelings for kids. It’s colorful and funny, and the language is not “preachy.” What I really like about it is that it sparks discussions between my kids and me about what they are feeling and thinking. -Christina A.J., California

“5 Out of 5 Stars!”

This book is an amazing addition to any child’s bookshelf. It engages the child and really gets them thinking about how their thoughts can impact their decision making and emotional state. Showing them the power of “changing the station” when the thought is not beneficial is just a magical skill to teach any child as well as any adult! This is definitely a purchase you will not regret! -CeCe, Alaska

“Great for Kids and Parents Alike”

This book beautifully teaches how to control your thoughts to create a more calm and intentional life. Most adults I know could benefit from this book and reading it to kids gives them a HUGE head start in living a more fulfilling life. The online Life Ingredients library has so much material online that supports the book and expands the teaching. I highly recommend this book. -J.J., Minnesota