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A New Approach to Teaching Kids About Wellness

Give Children the Gift of Emotional Intelligence. Help Them Discover A Sense of Self to Manage Both Their Challenges and Achievements.

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Lessons that unlock your child’s best self

Feeling Anxious? Learn To Take Better Care Of Your Brain

Life Ingredients teaches children from ages 6 to 12 how their brains work, how the power of thought works and how to calm their mind and bodies. They develop their emotional intelligence and learn better ways to manage their daily life. There is nothing more important to give your children than a sense of self where they can navigate both their challenges and achievements.

What are the Life Ingredients™?

Each of our 8 ingredients
correspond with an area for emotional growth.



Thoughts are things and matter, but are not always true.



Awareness through focused breath and a quieter mind.



Focused attention and being on purpose.



Value and respect for life.



An inner navigation system of thoughts and feelings.



Being self aware of one’s own place in space.



Experiences create a point of view.



A moral compass of deeply held beliefs, values, and principles.

The 8 Life Ingredients Library

Within the Life Ingredients library are hours of content in the form of video books recorded by kids and authors, video short stories, entertaining and educational lessons focused on the 8 principles, over 80 calm mind sessions, and much more to guide kids on life’s adventures. We’ve included a library for grow-ups to keep parents and teachers informed about tools and life skills that will support heartfelt family and classroom communications. We call our library a resource for “life support” for today’s families and classrooms.

A Book About Thoughts

“It can be hard to get my kids reading, but my kids (ages 7 and 10) LOVE this book! The book is not so much a story but a guide to thoughts and feelings for kids. It’s colorful and funny, and the language is not “preachy.” What I really like about it is that it sparks discussions between my kids and me about what they are feeling and thinking. There’s also a page in the back where they can write down their thoughts, feelings, and emotions, plus questions and vocab to help kids make sense of bigger ideas. This book is actually part of a huge online wellness program for kids – LifeIngredients. com. It’s definitely different from other kid’s wellness books and programs I’ve come across, and my kids actually want to read this book!” ( A review from our Amazon page)

Christina A.J.

Ideally, we see parents and kids learning together. This book is an entry to good thinking, calm minds and heartfelt communications for families and classrooms.