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Life Recipes that unlock your child's future

Our daily 5 minute audio lessons teach kids how their brains work and how to sift and sort through the abundance of emotions, reactions and choices they encounter everyday. Your child will develop the skills to create a calm state of mind anytime, anywhere. Life Ingredients helps kids make positive choices – for a life well lived.

Why Life Ingredients™ Works



We developed a program using neuroscience to improve mental clarity, focus and cognition.



Studies show that storytelling is the most effective delivery mechanism for teaching new ideas and concepts


Calm Mind

We teach kids how to make good choices when life gets challenging. Daily practice creates a more positive state of mind.


The Best Me

Our core program combines proven ideas and methodologies to help children achieve their best selves.

Creating the “Best ME”

Life Ingredients works by providing tools to help build a self aware mind. By understanding the effects of mind and body chatter you can learn to increase and actualize the real you.

The Self-Aware Mind

The Disconnected Mind

Mind tree
Mind tree sad
I can do anything
I can't do it
I'm generous
I'm not worthy
I feel safe
I am scared
I love myself
Life is hard
I'm happy
I'm unhappy
I'm confident
I don't understand

Love your brain. Love your life.

A daily lesson on how the brain works and practice in calming the mind produces comfortable, confident, curious and creative people. They can easily navigate challenges by connecting to their best selves.

Change your brain. Change your story.

When you become self-aware of your mind chatter, doing simple exercises can improve the balance of positive and negative thought patterns.

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Imagination to improve our future

Imagination to improve our future

What the experts are saying!

"Life Ingredients is helping cause a cultural shift in how we think and talk about mindfulness."

Jeff Kraunz

Executive Director, Creekside Charter School

A third grader drew this beautiful drawing of floating in her own bubble. She said she will use quieting the mind when she is at gymnastic meets.
Paige, age 8.

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