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Download Free Guide to Help Adults and Children Control Negative Thoughts

We all have times when we wish we could get rid of a thought – children included! It’s important to remember that thoughts are things and matter, but are not always true. This free guide presents different tools to help manage those negative thoughts like, “I’m afraid to do it wrong,” “they don’t like me,” or “I never do anything right.” 

Thoughts can be sneaky and go round and round in our heads. No matter what you do to try to stop them, they pop up and annoy you, bringing your energy down. Did you know that these thoughts can actually make you feel tired, confused and cause brain fog?!

This guide will teach you and children a new way to learn how to box up those nagging thoughts. 

  1. Focus on Your Breathing: Breathe slowly through your nose and out of your mouth repeating at least three times or as needed. The world around you will start to become quiet as your muscles relax, your heartbeat becomes steady and you move into a calm space. 
  2. Imagine a Space to Lock Up Bad Thoughts: Following a few deep breaths, imagine you’re holding a small, indestructible box in your hands. Open that box and put in your negative thoughts, close it, and lock it! You’re taking the thought right out of your mind and locking it away. 
  3. Lighten Your Load: You don’t want to carry around these heavy thoughts with you in a box. So now imagine taking that box and carefully storing it on a shelf – maybe it’s on a shelf within a giant library. Now that the Thought Box has been placed on the shelf, you feel much lighter. 
  4. Enjoy Your Day: Now that you have successfully controlled and removed negative or bad thoughts, you can be more present in your day and truly enjoy it.  
  5. No Peeking: Every oncein a while you may want to go back and peek into the box, revisiting those unwanted thoughts that made you feel tired and weighed you down – don’t do it.  

Remember you have the superpower. You are in control of the thoughts that you think. YOUR mind is YOUR calm space. Only you have the power to keep it that way and that’s a great thought.

This five minute instructional video will help guide you through locking away those unwanted thoughts!