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The Most Important Discovery of the Twentieth Century.

It’s hard to believe as recent as 1998 most humans believed what brainpower they were born with was fixed and impossible to change. The discovery of Neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to be flexible and malleable, has opened up new approaches to how we think, learn and feel.

The field of Neuroscience has shown that we can remold and shape our brain’s neurological patterns through the repeated attention we give to any one thought.

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Brain Science and Awareness.

As we become self-aware, we learn to recognize our thoughts, this is called metacognition. The ability to observe thinking begins the process of awareness. The next step is understanding the thoughts. Are they true, relevant, and how do they feel? Through self-awareness we discover a calm, clear space.

This bigger picture of thought provides the perspective needed to convert thoughts into actions, understanding and creativity.

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kids on the bus

A New Frontier- Brain Love.

Acknowledging the brain and understanding every thought is a chemical reaction brings the awareness – thoughts become matter. That matter becomes who we are. We like to label our awareness of the brain and its function as “Brain Love”.

Science shows us the growth and recalibration of the brain is enhanced by a daily exercise of calming the brain continuing the mind/body connection.

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The Best Me...

Life Ingredients™ focuses on helping students to connect to their “Best Me”. It’s important for children to practice daily as they discover less anxiety and more sense of well being. We found when creating a classroom environment of calm minds and then by adding a school-to-home program teachers and parents benefit as well as they practice and listen right along with their kids.

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“Learning how to calm the mind, focus, observe and choose. This is critical thinking at its best.”

Deb Kelly

Founder, Life Ingredients™

Rewiring your brain focuses on building thought skills, resulting in positive daily choices and a better tomorrow.

The info graphic here details how learning and neuroplasticity works. It also covers how we initially learn unhealthy habit that later turn into addictions and how we can unlearn and rewire our brains to be free of these unnecessary addictions.

Explore how the process of learning and neuroplasticity works

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