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Our audio program is categorized into 8 Essential™ Life Ingredients. Each audio lesson allows you to imagine, experience and learn first-hand how to focus on the positive to better navigate things like distractions, negativity, sadness, confusion and anxiety with ease.

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Understanding thoughts create our world.

Understanding where thoughts come from is the first ingredient to understanding the brain and how creating a calm mind will create better outcomes. Our thoughts series help kids shape their emotions, actions and impulses with intention.


Discovering self-awareness.

When we calm our mind by focusing on our breath, we slow our brain down and let habits go. Kids become more self aware and become less reactive – and instead become more socially and emotionally positive.


Being on purpose.

Clarity is intentional awareness of the constant mind and body chatter. Learning to release nagging mental noise and confusion helps kids feel confident, inspired and connected to the world.


Value and Respect for life.

The pathway to the “Best Me” is aligned with elevated states of being such as kindness, generosity, courage, empathy, and creativity. The lesson of gratitude brings understanding and teaches kids empathy, self awareness and respect for life.


Connecting to the "best ME".

Your internal guidance system is made up of sensations in the body caused by thought and what’s around you. When kids learn about this system they can navigate their surroundings with self-awareness and make better choices.


Being truly self-aware.

Learning the skills to observe and listen are keys to excelling at life. The Observe series enhances the skills needed to become a more focused learner and critical thinker. By observation rather than reaction, your child can relax as their world expands.


What you focus on you create.

Thoughts can cause reactions and your perspective causes you to react in a certain way. When kids tap into their true selves and talent (the hidden genius) they can experience less stress, fear and overreaction. Instead they become happy, more patient and fun to be around.


You are defined by your imagination.

Your kids are born as an empty canvas, by seven or eight they begin to paint a picture of life. Their life story is designed through their experiences and imagination. Our Truth Series will help kids to discover infinite possibilities and empower them to be the author of a life well lived.

The Life Recipe™

A perfect blend of science and creativity.

Our Life Recipes allow kids to use their imagination while learning about how their brains work and why they feel what they feel. Experience it for yourself.

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Life Ingredients
Life Ingredients
Life Ingredients
Life Ingredients

Recipes for a Happy Life. Anywhere. Anytime

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Life Ingredients

What You Get

Our audio program starts with Life Ingredients Basics. Once you master the basics you will be guided through the 8 Essentials™ Life Ingredients audio library – made up of hundreds of recordings. You will experience a combination of lessons, journeys and exercises that take you on dreamlike adventures, explore what you have just learned or build your calm mind skills.

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Enrich Yourself Daily

To get the most out of Life Ingredients listen daily to a life Recipe

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Exploration Through Journeys

Journeys make it fun! Great treat before bed or when you need a time out.

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Great Alternative Tool

Exercises are a great way to stay cool and reconnect to your Best Me.

Confidence to treat each other well

Confidence to treat each other well

What the experts are saying

"Life Ingredients™ is the perfect daily blend of brain science mindfulness and imagination."

Alaina Reichwald

Sierra Expeditionary Learning School Counselor